About Us

Our company Boonary Enterprises LLP., a Mumbai-Bengaluru based startup is working towards the initiative to boost and support the huge mass of deaf community, which is roughly around 18 million in India.


Our company is spearheaded by two qualified and skilled individuals, Mr. Babu C. M. and Mr. Sandeep Agarwal who are deaf themselves. Mr. Babu with his expertise and knowledge has years of experience of working in corporate. Mr. Sandeep is a well qualified and renowned businessman and has been a pioneer in establishing platforms that are customized to meet deaf needs. Both have collaborated to join together to let the deaf get an exposure to learning that has never been available in India before. Under their leadership and guidance runs an entire team that includes deaf and hearing people as well, working harmoniously.


Our company’s mission is to spread widespread awareness and learning opportunities for all and we plan to do this by providing e-learning courses through our website. 


Our aim is to bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf communities and ensure that equal inclusive opportunities are available for all such that even the deaf stand at par with others.


Currently, we are running a wide range of courses in Indian Sign Language (ISL) for the deaf.

Other than this, we also have a dedicated channel called Boonary TV on YouTube that releases videos on subjects like General Knowledge (GK), bizarre news, history, animal world, health & fitness etc. on a regular basis. 

Most of these subjects are catered to the deaf ones for the first time in India. We also have a special course for the hearing people who are interested to learn Indian Sign Language. This course is available with voice-overs in English, Hindi and Malayalam and we are looking forward to expand this in other regional languages as well.